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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Who'd a thunk it?!

So this morning started out like every other morning we plan to go to the river. Up really early and on the road. No problem. The time we spent there was great!

Duffy found a slalom course down the river where we rarely go...needless to say he was excited!

Julie tried to ski after years of being off the water

and Jake skied and did a little wakeboarding. All of that followed by some fun at the ropes

and then...we headed to the dock to drop Duffy off. The kids, puppies and I waited like we always do for our turn to put the boat on the trailer. I watched as Duffy drove past the ramp...hmmmm wonder why? Then I hear him calling my name for the shore..we made our way down for him to announce we had a flat tire. Oh no! Truck or trailer....trailer. And no, we didn't have a spare, I know, I know, but we didn't! So after some quick discussion, we decided that he and Julie would take Mason and Titan and go to the house to get the pump. Yep - so off they went while Jake and I headed back to the tree with the ropes to wait for a text to say they were back. A little more than an hour went by and they were back. Tire inflated and we were ready to roll! As Duffy pulled the truck out of the water, people were pointing and yelling...your tire's flat! Great! Of course it was....urgh! By this time, the dock area was PACKED with boats. But because we have favor =) there was one spot left.

So, to work we went! Digging out the jack and getting the tire off. Have I mentioned how hot it was? HOT...no joke!

Finally....off to figure out the next step. (condensing the story for lots of reasons but mostly my sanity :)) we bought a new tire and back to the boat. New tire on and we're back in business.

So, picture this, windows down, music playing, rolling back to the boat garage and Duffy casually mentions that we should've bought two new tires...he thinks the other one looks, well, wobally. Yeah, yeah....but not today! So a little further down the road and POP...yep, the other tire blew! So after a few words that aren't fit for blogging ;) we had no choice but to drive about a 1/2 mile because there was no shoulder to pull off. This time we're in a parking lot with zippy shade! Not a drop. We unhook the boat, dig all of our tools back out and Jake and Duffy go back to work. Julie and I were off to buy one more tire! We hurried back with cold drinks in hand. So very L O N G story short, after the purchase of another jack and a call to a towing company, we finally got the other tire replaced!

We backed the boat into the garage 7 hours after the first attempt at getting it out of the water...let me help put that into perspective. It's a 10 mile trip!

It was a day...just let me tell you. Lots of sweat and work and brainstorming...but no tears and no melt downs. (ok...maybe a 30 second one. But, really can you blame us?!)

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