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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Did you know we now live in Harperstown? Nope, we didn't move but apparently Bryce Harper playing for the Suns is a big deal. So, we've been renamed....well, not officially. Wondering who he is? Yeah, I was too...here's a little background.

He was the number one draft pick by the Washington Nationals in 2010. He is technically a catcher but was drafted as an outfielder so he could extend his career and to allow him to enter the MLB earlier. He started the 2011 season with the Hagerstown Suns who are the Class A affiliate to the Washington Nationals. (please don't be impressed, I looked every bit of that up!)

We saw him play a few weeks ago and let me just say the kid is talented! He was 4 for 5 including a grand slam that game. Not to shabby.
I'm thinkin he's going places and to think it all started (professionally at least) in Harperstown! ;)

I can't end without mentioning how evenings before Suns games start. They start here...
The deck of The Stadium Grill...It's right behind the Suns Stadium and the atmosphere can't be beat! Food isn't too bad either. It's like a staycation location and we all know how much I love that! ;)

Monday, June 27, 2011

When I grow up..

This is who I want to be....

This is Jim's Grandma, but I call her mine too. She has more spunk than anyone I've ever known. And while I know it's not nice to talk about a girls age, you soooo need to know that she's 91! NINETY ONE!

This weekend we attended a family wedding and let me just tell you she kept me steppin'....literally. Once the reception was in full swing, I don't think I sat down for more than a couple of minutes. There's not a line dance she doesn't know and music genre doesn't matter, if it has a beat, she's dancin' to it! Country, rock, hip hop, you pick and she'll be shakin it! Look, she even got her Grandson out of his seat!

She LOVES her Jim!

Turns out she's not just spunky with us, who would've guessed?! ;) Stories were told that left us laughing and shaking our heads. Nothing should be a surprise, it's Grandma after all! And besides, we have a few tales of our own!

Her motto has always been go, go, go! and I'm thinkin' that's the secret. No grass growin' under those feet. There's no time, she's always ready for the next adventure.

When I grow up, I want to have that energy...that zest for life!

Here's to you Grandma - you are a party animal! ;)

With love, your 'Granddaughter' and fellow partier (in training)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wishy Washy...

I’ve kinda drooled over the front load washers, I mean they’re new and look cool and I don’t know I just wanted one. But I resisted the urge and kept the top loader that worked just perfect…until a few months back, I did what should never be done, I packed way too much in the poor little thing. It was never the same but it did its job. Definitely not quietly or without movement that made me think it was running for the door but it kept all of its water to itself and cleaned our clothes.

I will never forget the time Jake was at the house alone and I started the washer before leaving..he didn’t know it was mechanically challenged and when it started doing its thing, he told the story of running down the steps armed with something because he thought someone was trying to knock the house down! He describes it best – it sounded like a child was trapped inside. OK, enough, maybe it's a 'you had to be there' story but I’m sure you have the point!

Well…fast forward a bit. It was a peaceful Monday morning (oxymoron?) and I had jury duty – I tell you that because it means I had more time than I usually do since it’s right down the street and didn’t start til 9. Anyway, I decided to throw a load of laundry in with all that extra time and headed upstairs to get ready. About an hour later, when I was ready to walk out the door, I remembered. I thought I’d better put those in the dryer so they were ready to be started when I got home! (never ever run the dryer when you’re not home….dryer fire years ago did me in - we've had us some laundry appliance drama in our time). But when I got half way through the kitchen I realized the washer was throwing up water! No joke…it was running out like a fountain, the floor was covered…I freaked out! Went running through the house like it was on fire and when I got to the basement, the only way I know to describe it is rain! Through the ceiling, it was raining. Dear God, please say this is a bad dream! So, I called Jim, at work! When he responded with ‘it should’ve been replaced a long time ago’, I thought I’d go through the phone….once in a calmer state, I’m not quite sure what I thought he was going to do about it being 40 miles away but still! FIX IT! (LOL)

I secretly waited and put off looking for a new one because I just knew mine was ok, it was just having a moment and would recover. So once I was home alone with no chance of getting caught giving it one more shot, I started it…empty, trying to give it every opportunity to shine. But nope…water was running out of the bottom. OK, got it! So, I jumped with both feet. And let me just say that Mr. penny pincher himself said they have to match! So that meant getting a new dryer too. Am I rubbing off on him a little bit? ☺ Just picking – truth is they’re conveniently located right off our kitchen in direct view, so yeah…I have to agree, good decision.

They arrived! ☺ And I’m just a lil excited about having new appliances. Why did I wait so long? What was I thinking?
I have lots to catch up on but it seems more fun now...until it's time to fold them and put them away...urgh! Now I'm rethinking not getting the pedestals, just might need those too!

Happy washing ☺

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A little of this and that...

Quality time with Jon....

Since Tuesday he's been here most of the time...a week off from his summer class was perfectly timed with the US Open and with with no other things he had to do in Pennsylvania, he stayed through the weekend. And even though the sky threatened to let loose with rain at any moment which kept us off the water, we still had time with Jon...and that is just the best!

Do it himselfer....

This is our 7th summer in this house and each one of those Jim has worked on the grass like his life depends on it. Summer number one - we had nothing...small patches of weedy grass but mostly dry dusty dirt. We moved in December so the seed that came with the house didn't excatly grow, so we tried again in early spring. But come warm weather he was out there mowing what was there...picture Pigpen from The Peanuts skits...yep, that's what he looked like! But each year that followed he got more grass to grow until we had a real lawn. This year he decided that it was just taking too long for the lawn treatment people to show up for his early spring work so he did it himself. Turned out ok so it's his mission now. Big bag of fertilizer - check, spreader - check and he's off. Looks like a lot of work to me from my seat on the patio. Don't get me wrong we don't have a lot of ground to cover but still...anyway - it's looking green around here and I think I detect a sense of accomplishment.

Here's a little then and now for comparison:

April 2005



So, there's a coupon craze going on. Who knew? Julie mentioned it to me a week or so ago and I half listened...but the other day when Jim and Jon went to play 9 holes (The Open has 'em a lil excited for golf) I was flipping through channels and found a show about it! OMG...seriously, $600 worth of groceries for less than $100. Now don't get me wrong, that means A LOT of cooking and let's just say that's not me. But, we have been eating at home lately and Luanne and I are always talking about ways to save money. This could be it...so today, I got a Sunday paper and scoured for things we use. Jon said (and I quote)...'this'll last one week'. He could soooo be right but this could be really cool. Time will tell ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm looking so forward to a new washer and dryer arriving this week...pathetic? Ha...you have no idea! I'll tell ya more about that later.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Open

I swear Jim is like a kid - if he knows he has plans or something to do he's anxious about, he is up before the sun...like it's Christmas morning! Today was no different - no alarm needed...before 5 he's stirring. Yep, US Open day. He and Jon were on the road by 6 headed for Congressional. They had perfect weather and spent the day walking the course, scouting out the players and enjoying the scenery. By the time they got home, red cheeks and noses, they were full of stories.

I can be a nerd about things like this but this is the 111th US Open and Jon was born on 1/11...how cool that he got to go? Coincidence I know but still.....
They tell me this is the actual trophy that will be awarded to the winner on Sunday.....cool. Now hands off boys! ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Took a lil blogging break...ok, more than a lil but time does fly. Maybe it was a blogging funk or just the winter blahs, who knows. Anyway, I'm back! :)

Playing catch up on happenings around here since January - well the shortened version.

Jim spent a few days in Utah with his cousins skiing on 'real' mountains. Not sure if he'll ever be satisfied to go back on the 'mountains' around here after that adventure - I think they look like hills to him now!

I was forced to broaden my horizons a little - forced because I was selected to perform my civil responsibility - yep, jury duty. Keeping in mind that patience isn't my strong point and that I'm a little addicted to being connected with the outside world (i.e.: my cell phone!), I did ok...actually better than I thought. It was a month long assignment but my number was only called 5 times and none of those were full days. All in all a pretty good experience. Even got selected to sit on the jury for a case. Thankfully a quick one and pretty to the point. But let me say - I got an education....wow, the people you encounter! Funny though another juror that I clicked with right away turned out to be our neighbor...lives just a few streets away. Small world!

Julieanne probably has the biggest news since the last updates. She's expecting her first child in November. Matt is stationed in South Carolina with the Navy and is doing great. They're working on figuring out their long term plans and I'm reminded how every child is a blessing and how God has our lives planned out before we're even conceived. With that in mind, she has my support...just as she always has!

Jonathan is loving life in Pennsylvania. I can't believe how much he's changed. Guess it happens to all of us as we fly on our own but he seems to have really found his way and that makes me proud. He's met a great girl there and she's good for him. Keeps him on his toes (makes me smile to think about).
Jacob just finished up his freshman year of high school. He's playing with an elite travel hockey team this upcoming season. That will give him the opportunity to play at new rinks and with some new kids. Should be a higher level of hockey than he's had before, perfect chance to grow!

To say we're happy with the springmmer (still spring but almost summer) weather would be the world's biggest understatement! We're thrilled! Nights out back on the patio with the torches lit, music playing and iced drinks...ahhhh! Hanging out in the garage on stormy nights watching it rain...almost priceless! We're anxious to get on the river (hoping for this weekend) and looking so forward to some pretty cool summer plans...a few concerts, lazy days on the river and soaking up all the sunshine we can!

It's good to be back.........

Thanks for stopping by