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Sunday, December 26, 2010

It was good...

It was really good...we spent Christmas Eve visiting with Daddy and Linda and going to church. We went back to the church we attended when we lived in Frederick. It was like going home!

Christmas was quiet. Jim and I went skiing on Christmas Day....and I'm still alive! It wasn't pretty but I made it down the 'bunny hill' a few times. Silly me believed Jim when he said I was ready for the next step. Let's just say I didn't ski down the entire way and let's also say it was a bit of a show...but I survived...more importantly Jim survived! Ha! Not sure if he'll ever be willing to take me again. ;)

The kids came later Christmas night...it was so good to see them! The day after Christmas was our Christmas Day! I laughed so much today. The kids and Mom and Jeff were all here. The house is a mess, things aren't in their place, laundry isn't done but it was fun! Now there's the occasional glimpse of Jake passing through in his ho, ho, ho boxers to retrieve more cookies and then back to his game, Julie's laid out on the couch surfing the net, Jon's giving a fashion show with all of his things from Santa and Jim's enjoying a Christmas cigar in the smoking room...ok, the garage!

Santa was good to all of us! But more important than any of that...it was good!

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