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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letting go isn't easy!

If you're not into sappy sentimental stuff you probably shouldn't read this because I can promise, that's where it's headed!

You know that we have 3 Godchildren. Siblings and each amazing in their own ways. But today....well today, Jon is heading off to college. Packing his things into the car and driving off. Now I know he's a 'big boy' but I wouldn't be me if it didn't absolutely pull at my heart! So, what do I do? I think...

Eighteen years ago he arrived. A little man born on a Saturday morning and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him! I still remember sitting in the rocking chair and holding him. I remember what I was wearing and I remember exactly the way his little face looked!

One of the sweetest little boys I've ever known. Chubby cheeks and dimples that make you want to grab 'em and pinch! He grew into an amazing kid!
He's so much more than just a Godson to me. We don't have the typical Godparent/child relationship. We don't see him every now and again. He's part of our lives...our normal everyday life. We've spent more time with him (all of them) then I could ever begin to account for. We've been blessed and I can't imagine loving kids more than I love them. And I know he won't be that far away and I know about texting and phone calls and Skype but still! And I know the reality is that he's bigger and stronger and smarter than me but through my eyes he's a messy haired mischievous little boy who needs me!

I've prayed for him for eighteen years! For his health, his happiness, for his success. I'll never stop! But it feels more important than ever right now. He's on the brink of a brand new chapter of his life! Really making choices on his own...no one to tell him that it's late and he should be sleeping, no one to tell him that the cups growing things in his room really need to find their way to the kitchen, no one to make sure what really matters...that he's ok. So, I'll keep praying.

Jon - we love you, are proud of you and want nothing but the best for you! And remember - no matter the day or time...you call and I'll be there! Without question or hesitation....I'll be right there! When you were little and with us and I'd tell you goodnight, I'd always say 'you know where I am if you need me'.....well Jon - you know where I am if you need me!

Nope, letting go isn't easy...

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  1. Awwww Good Luck Jon! I wish you all the best and will do my best to make sure MenMen makes it through (wink, wink)!

    I'll be excited to hear all the new events that are gonna fill this chapter!


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