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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A wedding celebration

I mentioned Joanna and Kevin's wedding - Joanna is Duffy's cousin. It was an amazing day - perfect weather, a beautiful ceremony and a rockin' reception. This was the first outdoor wedding we've attended and it was wonderful!

I have to share my favorite part of the festivities. Uncle Bob, Joanna's Dad, is a soft spoken man of few words. In fact, I'd guess that public speaking probably isn't his favorite thing to do. But on this very special day, he stood in front of 100+ guests and talked about his daughter...with pride and admiration. Knowing him makes it even more special...knowing that it isn't something he would be overly excited to do. So dabbing tears to keep them from falling down my cheeks, I listened. I for sure understand phobias and fears so I'm forever impressed! You've made an impression Uncle Bob! ;)

Here's a couple of pics:

Duffy's Dad, Mom, our niece Morgan, me, Grandma and Duffy

The beautiful bride with her cousins (Duffy, Eric, Joanna and Craig)

Congratulations Joanna and Kevin! And thank you for inviting us to share in your day!

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