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Thursday, September 30, 2010

All day long

Today is my birthday! Can I just tell you that it has rained ALL day...no joke...like need an ark rain! White knuckles driving home rain! But, it's still my birthday and I love that! I love forgetting for a few minutes and then remembering...oh yeah, today's my birthday! :)

There's been so many wishes...people that I haven't heard from in waaaay too long...people I talk to every day...friends and family and friends that are practically family! And it's times like these that make me feel like I matter! Ha!

So, every Thursday night (well not every..but darn close to EVERY) we go to this local place...The Broad Axe! We like it there...it's a little like Cheers...where everybody knows your name. Well not quite, but you get the point. And it's Thursday, right? So, that's where we were. Dinner and drinks with Duffy and Julie...chats over the phone with Jon and Jake..my day is complete!

And yep, this is my last year to be 30 something. And don't think I'm not going to hold on tight and enjoy it! Because I am...and when it's next year at this time and I'm writing about being the big four oh...well that'll be ok too, but until then...I'm going to live it up...my way. ;) I can promise you this...when I say goodbye to the 30's I'm gonna say, now that was fun!
(not sure why it's sooo blurry...but it's the official b-day pic with Duffy!)

So on this very rainy night (I can hear it hitting the roof as I type and honestly, it's one of my most favorite sounds to hear when I'm laying quiet in bed) I say bring it on! I'm ready! Let the party begin....

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