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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll with a little Good Night Irene...

I love inclement weather. I love when a storm rolls in, when forecasters use phrases like serious conditions, take precautions...And this summer hasn't disappointed. Thunder and lightening have woken me on more than one night. Short power outages and fire trucks on our street (all is well, no worries, just a scare for a neighbor's house.) And this week...well this week gave an extra special dose. On Tuesday there was an earthquake! 5.8 - 5.9...Yeah, I'm sure you heard. I'm also sure all of the folks that live on the west coast think we're a lil silly. I mean this is a tremor compared to what they've been through. But - it was here and not typical and let me say... wow.

I'll try to stick to the facts here and not be too dramatic. But, things started shaking and at first, I thought big truck? then, maybe something hit the building? I'll admit I did wonder about a plane crash or possibly something destructive at the local Army base. Wish I could've grabbed my phone quick enough to record but it just happened too fast. There was no damage and I don't know of anything that actually fell over but it was a very odd experience that's for sure!

The center was close to Lake Anna - a place we've spent a lot of time. Hoping all is well there.

Not to be outdone, reports of a powerful hurricane headed in our direction began to roll in. Not the typical one that brushes by and barely touches us...but more significant. Now I have to say that living in the western part of the state spared us from the real force. But, It still made for an exciting Saturday night watching the news and making our own storm center in the garage to watch first hand as the rains and wind rolled in. Tucked safely in bed, the windows were rattling a little and with rain pelting against them. And I will happily admit that I love it!!!

Today we woke to gray skies and rain. The last band from Irene was wrapping around to bring her final punch to Maryland.

By a little after noon, there was pleasant blue above us. With a lil of those white happy clouds mixed about.
We drove to the river where we put the boat in and were surprised to find no signs of what the night had provided.

Only difference was that today, the parking lot was empty and there wasn't a line at the boat launch. Guess folks weren't sure what to expect from Mother Nature. And I guess the word painted on the ramp says it all...

We're promised to be repaid with a few days of nearly perfect weather. Low 80's and bright sunshine. Hope you have a great week!

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