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Sunday, March 7, 2010

There's a parker!

We took advantage of this spring like day for Jon to practice a little parallel parking.

It took a lot of concentration to get it right

But after a few close calls and a couple of tries

I think he's got it!

When he was little and we'd be looking for a place to park, he'd yell out 'there's a parker!' when he'd spot one. Well I still use that cute little phrase. Before long, he'll be looking for a parker on his own.

I think we all have spring fever now. It was a pretty weekend with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. A little taste of what's to come...we can't wait!


  1. Cute. We still say some words and phrases that our son used to say when he was little.

  2. Makes me think back to when you and Jim was trying to teach me how to drive a clutch. Never did learn. lol


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