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Thursday, July 30, 2009

SHOW US YOUR LIFE - Flowers, Wedding Party and Rings

This week we're sharing our flowers, wedding party and rings. It's a blog carnival on Kelly's Korner.

The flowers in our bouquets were silk - yes, that's right silk. I wanted to be able to keep them - (that's so me!) and so I did. The bouquet I carried stays on top of our TV cabinet in our bedroom. It's made of off white roses adorned with pearls and ribbons. I still love it. The attendants had peach flowers with green accents. Silk boutonnieres for the guys and fresh flowers at the church.

Our friends and family stood by us on our special day.

We found our rings at a local jewelry store. I knew as soon as I saw them, they were the ones! They're timeless to me and I love them as much today as I did in 1992. It's been said that I'm a little sentimental, well when it comes to these I'd have to agree! They've been through a lot in the past 17 years. None more than Duffy's though - there was the time he was working and decided it would be best if he placed his ring in his pocket for 'safe keeping'. When he got home and reached for it, that sick, sinking feeling took over. It was GONE! The most discouraging part was that he'd been working outside and quite some distance from home. A few days later though he returned to the same spot, full of faith. After a little searching, there on a leaf of a dandelion sat his ring...almost like it had been placed there for him. It should be said that the grass was being mowed and we're sure at least a couple of folks passed it by during it's stay, but in the end it found its way back to where it belongs! Now that's favor and we're grateful for the blessing. A few years ago on our anniversary, we had our bands engraved with 'Forever I promise'. It took a long time to decide on what they should say, I think it was worth they wait....

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  1. What a great idea to engrave the wedding bands on your anniversary! I might have to steal that.. :) Love that you're still able to cherish your wedding bouquet!


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