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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show us your life - School Pictures

This week at Kelly's Korner we're sharing school pictures.
Oh my! Really, school pictures? I have to admit that digging for these did uncover some old pictures that I haven't seen in a while - that might be the only good part! HA!

Is this really me? Afraid so!

This is from the 5th grade at North Frederick Elementary. Brand new braces and all!

8th grade at St. John's Grade School. (I can't believe I'm posting these! ha!) Frederick High School graduation picture. Can you guess the year based on the hair?! Bet you'll get close.. :)


  1. cute pictures! I also love your Molly she is so pretty! I love orange kitties!

  2. Cute pictures. I love your blog. Nice layout.


  3. Love the pics! And also your blog!


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