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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Down went Duffy!

Wednesday evening, I set out for a walk with Mason and Titan. Duffy decided he would go along, except instead of walking he was going to ride his bike. To add to the excitement, he decided he could ride and let Titan walk/run alongside. Needless to say I didn't think it was a good idea - I had lots of reasons. Titan could be hurt if he got too close, he could get tangled in the wheel and Duffy could fall...yeah, yeah, yeah - he knows best (yeah right!) and so off they went!

(I actually took this pic when things were going well - guess it's that intuition that told me I'd be using it later! Ha!)

After a trip around the entire neighborhood, he was on the home stretch when I heard commotion - yep, you guessed it, he fell! He claimed he was fine (typical of him)! The only visible signs of injury were his scraped hands and skinned toe. Other than that, he seemed to have survived....until about 3 hours later. The pain in his left elbow became worse. After a short trip to the ER, he found himself in a brand spanking new splint...from his upper arm to his wrist.

At that point, they didn't see any breaks but suggested he follow up with an orthopedic doctor if he didn't see improvement. So, on Thursday afternoon, he decided it would be best if he made that appointment to see what was really going on. Glad he did! Turns out he has a 'v' shaped shatter in his elbow! Can you imagine?! No more splint, but needs to be kept in a sling with exercises to help it heal. Thankfully it wasn't a circular fracture-apparently that would've meant surgery! Shew... 6 to 8 more weeks and he should be all healed - we're praying that's the case!

By the way, Titan is perfectly fine! He got away from Duffy but met nice neighbors who captured him until Duffy gathered himself and his flip flops! Ha! AND before this little adventure started I told Duffy that I WOULD NOT being going to the ER with him if he fell....I hate to eat my words, but I hate that it ended the way it did more!

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  1. Hope he heals quickly. You would think after all this time he would realize that you are always right and would listen to you. lol


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