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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Show us your life - Favorite vacation spots...

Truth be known, my favorite vacation is a staycation. Yep, given the choice, I'm perfectly happy and content at home, chillin' on the patio and relaxing - a glass of wine (or a Cruzan concoction) in hand and candles burning. Traveling causes me stress! Seriously! I know, weird, huh? Here's a peek at where you'll find me enjoying home...

When I try to be mainstream (or normal =)), I can enjoy the beach. Any one will do with few qualifiers - I need entertainment. None of these secluded places for me, I want to watch people and have plenty to do when the sun goes down. Here's a couple pics of my favorites...

Myrtle Beach, SC

Ocean City, MD


  1. I LOVE THIS! Home is best isn't it!

  2. Your home is lovely! I can see why you love relaxing there. :)

  3. I love that you said a Staycation is the best! That's Great... I can't think of anything I love better than staying around the house with my 3 year old and hubby... other than Disney World... Ha! Your home is beautiful...

  4. It's funny growing up in California I never would have gone on a beach vacation. Of course, now that I don't live near a beach, going on a beach vacation is probably my favorite


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