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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Open

I swear Jim is like a kid - if he knows he has plans or something to do he's anxious about, he is up before the sun...like it's Christmas morning! Today was no different - no alarm needed...before 5 he's stirring. Yep, US Open day. He and Jon were on the road by 6 headed for Congressional. They had perfect weather and spent the day walking the course, scouting out the players and enjoying the scenery. By the time they got home, red cheeks and noses, they were full of stories.

I can be a nerd about things like this but this is the 111th US Open and Jon was born on 1/11...how cool that he got to go? Coincidence I know but still.....
They tell me this is the actual trophy that will be awarded to the winner on Sunday.....cool. Now hands off boys! ;)

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