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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wishy Washy...

I’ve kinda drooled over the front load washers, I mean they’re new and look cool and I don’t know I just wanted one. But I resisted the urge and kept the top loader that worked just perfect…until a few months back, I did what should never be done, I packed way too much in the poor little thing. It was never the same but it did its job. Definitely not quietly or without movement that made me think it was running for the door but it kept all of its water to itself and cleaned our clothes.

I will never forget the time Jake was at the house alone and I started the washer before leaving..he didn’t know it was mechanically challenged and when it started doing its thing, he told the story of running down the steps armed with something because he thought someone was trying to knock the house down! He describes it best – it sounded like a child was trapped inside. OK, enough, maybe it's a 'you had to be there' story but I’m sure you have the point!

Well…fast forward a bit. It was a peaceful Monday morning (oxymoron?) and I had jury duty – I tell you that because it means I had more time than I usually do since it’s right down the street and didn’t start til 9. Anyway, I decided to throw a load of laundry in with all that extra time and headed upstairs to get ready. About an hour later, when I was ready to walk out the door, I remembered. I thought I’d better put those in the dryer so they were ready to be started when I got home! (never ever run the dryer when you’re not home….dryer fire years ago did me in - we've had us some laundry appliance drama in our time). But when I got half way through the kitchen I realized the washer was throwing up water! No joke…it was running out like a fountain, the floor was covered…I freaked out! Went running through the house like it was on fire and when I got to the basement, the only way I know to describe it is rain! Through the ceiling, it was raining. Dear God, please say this is a bad dream! So, I called Jim, at work! When he responded with ‘it should’ve been replaced a long time ago’, I thought I’d go through the phone….once in a calmer state, I’m not quite sure what I thought he was going to do about it being 40 miles away but still! FIX IT! (LOL)

I secretly waited and put off looking for a new one because I just knew mine was ok, it was just having a moment and would recover. So once I was home alone with no chance of getting caught giving it one more shot, I started it…empty, trying to give it every opportunity to shine. But nope…water was running out of the bottom. OK, got it! So, I jumped with both feet. And let me just say that Mr. penny pincher himself said they have to match! So that meant getting a new dryer too. Am I rubbing off on him a little bit? ☺ Just picking – truth is they’re conveniently located right off our kitchen in direct view, so yeah…I have to agree, good decision.

They arrived! ☺ And I’m just a lil excited about having new appliances. Why did I wait so long? What was I thinking?
I have lots to catch up on but it seems more fun now...until it's time to fold them and put them away...urgh! Now I'm rethinking not getting the pedestals, just might need those too!

Happy washing ☺

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