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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Took a lil blogging break...ok, more than a lil but time does fly. Maybe it was a blogging funk or just the winter blahs, who knows. Anyway, I'm back! :)

Playing catch up on happenings around here since January - well the shortened version.

Jim spent a few days in Utah with his cousins skiing on 'real' mountains. Not sure if he'll ever be satisfied to go back on the 'mountains' around here after that adventure - I think they look like hills to him now!

I was forced to broaden my horizons a little - forced because I was selected to perform my civil responsibility - yep, jury duty. Keeping in mind that patience isn't my strong point and that I'm a little addicted to being connected with the outside world (i.e.: my cell phone!), I did ok...actually better than I thought. It was a month long assignment but my number was only called 5 times and none of those were full days. All in all a pretty good experience. Even got selected to sit on the jury for a case. Thankfully a quick one and pretty to the point. But let me say - I got an education....wow, the people you encounter! Funny though another juror that I clicked with right away turned out to be our neighbor...lives just a few streets away. Small world!

Julieanne probably has the biggest news since the last updates. She's expecting her first child in November. Matt is stationed in South Carolina with the Navy and is doing great. They're working on figuring out their long term plans and I'm reminded how every child is a blessing and how God has our lives planned out before we're even conceived. With that in mind, she has my support...just as she always has!

Jonathan is loving life in Pennsylvania. I can't believe how much he's changed. Guess it happens to all of us as we fly on our own but he seems to have really found his way and that makes me proud. He's met a great girl there and she's good for him. Keeps him on his toes (makes me smile to think about).
Jacob just finished up his freshman year of high school. He's playing with an elite travel hockey team this upcoming season. That will give him the opportunity to play at new rinks and with some new kids. Should be a higher level of hockey than he's had before, perfect chance to grow!

To say we're happy with the springmmer (still spring but almost summer) weather would be the world's biggest understatement! We're thrilled! Nights out back on the patio with the torches lit, music playing and iced drinks...ahhhh! Hanging out in the garage on stormy nights watching it rain...almost priceless! We're anxious to get on the river (hoping for this weekend) and looking so forward to some pretty cool summer plans...a few concerts, lazy days on the river and soaking up all the sunshine we can!

It's good to be back.........

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