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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bird Magnet?

Yes, they're creatures God made and if you know me, you know how much that matters but I seriously don't like birds! I'm actually really afraid of them...they're flapping wings and God help us all if they get too close! Why then do they have to keep building nests close to the house? To try to convince me that they're not so bad after all? If anything could work the sight of little babies might do it.

Today, Jake and I were sitting at the table and I looked out at the tree closest to the patio. There was something paper like in the branches. Now for sure I was not going to investigate...way too much risk involved - there could be a bird guarding, so I sent Jake ;). He came back in to report that it is indeed a new nest made with a dryer sheet! Guess there's a shortage on twigs? Anyway - back out with the camera....he went!

First of all this makes me laugh! I took this from the safety of the house with my phone!
He did good! and for all of you wondering, he was not attacked or harmed...I would've have run to his rescue - really, trust me!
There are no eggs in the nest...not sure if we're too late or too early. 'We'll' check again in a couple of days!

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