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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One, Two, THREE!

He's captured my heart! He's sweet and feisty and makes me smile. And I can't talk about him without telling how special he is.
And for the times when he gets me up way too early to go outside (said in a whisper voice that sends him and Titan through the roof with excitment) or when I can't sit in peace because he must be on my lap and then get down and then back up..repeat, repeat, repeat and for the times he goes tilted (angry) because he's sleepy and doesn't want to be bothered by his furry siblings -

well they're all worth it because he's Mason and he's special! And he makes up for all of those things when he runs to get a squeaky toy because Jim just got home and he knows he's going to ask him where his toys are or when you ask him if he wants to see Grandma and he turns his head to the side and then pounces on you, and if you say boat or byes - well be ready because he wants instant gratification!
He's three today! The Mason puppy is three! This could call for a lil doggie ice cream celebration!

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