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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas memories....

I had to share this! As I was preparing to leave work for the holiday last week I was talking with someone who made me really think about memories. Now you should know that this someone has a way of doing that - making us think...so I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, on with the story.

She said that this year as she celebrated Christmas with her now grown children, she was going to ask each of them to share their favorite Christmas present - both one they've given and one they've received. Easy enough, right? Well, she went on to share hers and it brought tears to my eyes. You see the favorite gift she ever gave was to her Mom. When she was young, her family didn't have excess, they 'got by', like a lot of us. One year her Mom mentioned she really liked a particular spice rack but it cost $14 and wasn't something that was in her budget. So, my friend started saving. Although young and for sure $14 was a lot of money, she baby sat and worked and saved every penny. She was finally able to buy that rack and to give it to her Mom for Christmas. In a later conversation, she said that her sister reminded her that when her Mom left this world that spice rack was still in the kitchen in use!

The best present she ever received was a sweater. Seems simple, huh? But you see, she and her husband were raising 2 small children on one salary. Having 'fancy' clothes wasn't a priority for her considering that the work she was doing was at home. However, this year they were invited to a holiday gathering and she wasn't sure what she'd wear. Her husband brought this sweater home which happened to match her favorite pair of 'dress' pants.

I'm not sure exactly why this story touched me so much except that it reminds me that it's the simple things. AND it's not always the things, most of the point of this story is the meaning behind each gift. It's about making lasting memories.

When I started to think how'd I'd answer this question I came up with the favorite gift I've received pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, there's been many that are memorable - times when I was small, presents from the kids (the angel ornament they made, my wonderful presents this year), but the one that stood out the most is from Duffy. It's important that you know that Duffy isn't a present buyer, but the year of our 10th anniversary he really out did himself. He came home on Christmas eve with a beautiful 3 stone anniversary band. I loved it and still do. But it's so much more than a sparkling ring to me, it's the fact that he went to the effort to go to the jeweler, pick out the stones and have it made just for me. Again...it's about the meaning.

Sadly, I don't know what the favorite gift I've given is. It makes me kinda sad to admit that. I want to do better at making memories with people. Giving things that make people realize the meaning that's behind it.

So, how 'bout you? Do you have an answer?

P.S. - Thanks for sharing JC!

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