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Friday, December 11, 2009

The scene of the attack!

Ok, so I wasn't really attacked but it sure does feel like I was! I can never wait to share stories when others do things that are....well....dumb. So, I guess it's only fair that I share about me too.

Wednesday night I was hopping down the stairs, like I do a least a hundred times a day. But this time as I made it down the first flight and turned at the landing for the last four, my foot slipped out from under me and down I went! Funny how that slow motion thing works - I swear I remember hitting every single stair on the way down! When I reached the floor I wasn't exactly sure I was ok. Pain? oh yeah, but also a sick feeling in my stomach (I hate to be nauseous!) and when I tried to talk...ok YELL for Duffy, nothing was really coming out...just a whisper when I was giving it all I had. (I'm soooo laughing as I write this!) When he got to me, I was trying to say that I was ok - I don't like that kind of attention - I'M FINE! =) So, I crawled to the couch and laid there trying to decide what was really hurting. So, long story short...a trip to the doctor and am fairly certain I cracked a rib or two or more (who knows) - if not it's most certainly badly bruised. If there's no improvement next week, I'll need a X-ray - but I'm most certain there'll be improvement! No need to worry about that, after all Christmas is two weeks from today and I'm soooo not ready!

So there you have it....my 'not so sure what I was doing to fall down the stairs' moment! Ha!

Oh yeah, if you're wondering if Julie was home for this episode, yeah she was. But, she was in her room on her phone (shocker!). About a hour later, she came to check on me. She said she heard the whole thing and was laughing hysterically at me. Stop thinking that! She does care! ;)

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  1. That would of been a sight to see! It's always funny when it happens to someone else.


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