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Friday, December 18, 2009

We knew him when... #

Jacob invited us to attend a skit that he and his friends in his Theater Arts class put together. Let me just say that I was honored to be invited - seriously! Jake doesn't always want adults attending his school stuff. OK - more to the point, he doesn't want ME to attend...something about embarrassing him at a field trip. I don't remember at all but he claims I was being too enthusiastic...me? Never! Ha!

Anyway back to his skit - Jake's a natural - he doesn't mind being in front of people and seems to thrive on the attention! I've written about it before, but his sense of humor is one of his greatest strengths.

I quickly noticed that I was the only person there with a camera and I'm sure you understand that I wanted to be on my best behavior so I'd be invited back. I only captured a couple pictures, but here's a peek at 'A Redneck Christmas'.
Jake is the one closest, with the hat on.

Jake - thanks for the show! Hope it's the first of many =)

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