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Friday, November 20, 2009

Our furry family

Oh how I love them! Seriously, I do...I've always had a pet, every since I was little. I really can't imagine not having any. Chelsea, our devil cat (said with love!) of nearly 17 years passed away 2 years ago in July and we were 'petless' for 7 L O N G weeks. I tried, ok! Ha! I have this really special place in my heart for animals.

So, this week as we tell y'all about our pets hosted by Kelly's Korner well....I'm sooo 'cited to!

If you've followed us you might remember that I've mentioned that our furry family's grown but wasn't necessarily planned. Here's a little more about that -

This is Molly!

We adopted her from a local shelter. When I called to ask about her, I was told that she was surrendered in May by a family who had a member who'd developed allergies. (It was September when she came home with us...that's a long time to wait, huh?!) They went on to tell me that while I was welcome to adopt 'just her', she was surrendered with a friend who'd she been with the entire time - including their stay in the shelter. Well, in case you couldn't guess, there's not a chance that I would leave him behind! So, I introduce you to Max....

Kinda funny but they were adopted based on a small picture of each of them. I have neither the courage or willpower to actually go 'in the back' to see their little faces in cages waiting for a home! (I'm sure some of you are thinking I have serious issues at this point...you're probably right but hey - it's who I am!) So, needless to say it was a surprise to see how big Max actually is. He has the longest legs I think I've ever seen on a cat. But he's as sweet as he is tall!

Together, they're quite a pair! Molly is most definitely the queen of the house. She's so gentle and welcoming but doesn't hesitate to let you know who's in charge!

Then there's Mason! Let me start by saying that I never thought we'd have a dog...seriously! While I love them, being committed to taking him out and training him and having to be home, well...I didn't see us doing that. That's until Mason man! A birthday present a year ago, he is without a doubt a joy! He's a mix of a shih-tzu and poodle and is the tiniest little man. 'All grown up' at 5 1/2 pounds he's found his place here. Even when I'm out late at night or up waaay to early in the morning so he can go potty, the good still outweighs the chores that come along with him.

Lastly but most certainly not least...there's Titan. He's Julieanne's and moved in with her earlier this year. Coming from the same breeder as Mason (really the reason Mason was adopted...T is just so darn cute!) they are best friends! They're great company for each other and are for certain partners in crime most days! Only 1 month older but twice as big, Titan has the best personality and is very loving (as long as he knows you...if not, well let's just say it's going to be a show!). And please take special notice of those teeth...aren't they just the best?

So that sums them up. Probably two more than I'd set out to have but if you think I could pick which two that'd be, then you haven't paid attention! =) I LOVE THEM!

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  1. Such cute pets! I have never had a cat. My kids have wanted one, but I told them I was allergic. lol My little Scarlett would never get along with another pet!


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