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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas in January, a goal and a birthday!

Duffy's Mom, Dad and Grandma visited this weekend to celebrate Christmas. We had a great time catching up and enjoying lots of good food. From the looks of the fridge it was too much food! ha!

So, Merry Christmas one last time...at least for this winter.

The boys played one of their last games of the season tonight. They lost 2 -1 but that one goal, oh how sweet it was! It was compliments of this little man! Good job Jake!

And a very special Happy Birthday to Miss Kayden! She was one on Friday and I'm sure celebrated all weekend long! Isn't she the cutest?! I know Luanne thinks so too! Right Gigi?


  1. I like the idea of still getting presents in January!:)

  2. My fridge has looked like that so many times, and I can never make my way through all the leftovers!!


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