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Saturday, February 27, 2010

% Our All Star! %

Just when I had come to terms with the boy's hockey season coming to a close, Jon received news that he'd been selected for the high school all star team! What an honor! Last night, the team played and won! It was a a fast paced game and was great to see all of that skill work together. Some of the kids on the team played together when they were young. So cool for them to be a team again...even if for one game.

The team was introduced one player at a time and needless to say, Jon had his own personal cheering section! (In case you're wondering, we're not quiet! ha!)

I think his face says it all! It's a combination of liking the attention but also saying, please make them be quiet! =)

So, for the last time, Jon left the rink as an official high school player! It was a great night!

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