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Saturday, February 6, 2010

We survived!

Last night when we went to bed, this is what it looked like out back...

And this is what it looked like this morning!

Quite a difference, huh?

A year or so ago we bought a snowblower from friends who were relocating to North Carolina. We hadn't used it yet but thought this could be just the storm to break it out. One little problem though, we didn't have gas in the gas can. So, you guessed it, out we went! It wasn't horrible but there was certainly a lot of snow out there! It was a good excuse to go out...I hate being stuck! This is a picture of the road on the way to the gas station.

And the park near our house

And our street!

We were all set, so off Duffy went...blowing away!

It was no easy task! There's a ton of snow out there! (Our local news says we got about 21 inches) Julie visited from time to time (ha!) her contribution was getting his hat for him...

There was much work to be done....Julie's car was trapped!

But after hours of blowing and shoveling....finally...

The furry boys love the snow. But this was a little too much for them. So, they got to watch from Duffy's truck. But they would've loved to be out in it!

And Molly watched from her window. But if it has snowed much longer, I'm not sure she could've seen out!

It finally stopped late afternoon and we had a little bit of sunshine...

Things are looking better!

So, we're settled in for the night. It's bitter cold and icy. We hit the Red Box, have plenty of snacks and are ready to break out tomorrow! =) Here are a few more pictures from today. Be safe and stay warm y'all!

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