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Monday, October 5, 2009

Couldn't've been me!

This is officially my first 'not me' Monday post. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of moments that qualify, just not ones I'm brave enough to share. Ha!

But this week well... I most certainly did NOT have my 13 year old Godson climb the shelves at Walmart to get the container of kitty litter I wanted from the highest one! Nope, not me.

AND, it was definitely not in that same trip that I jerked a baby gate from the cart while checking out and jabbed my cheek, right on the bone. Not me that didn't realize it was bleeding! It was not me that was using Jacob's sweatshirt sleeve to dap up the blood from that cheek! (it was not all I had to clean it up with.) (Oh yeah, the gate is not for a baby! No seriously! It's for the doggies! =))

Wasn't me who drove 90,000 miles on my original set of tires! I'm not stubborn and wouldn't give in to buy new ones until now.

Must've been someone else who procrastinated all weekend with her to-do list. Wasn't me who was desperately rushing to get a few things done so she could see a little football Sunday afternoon.

Don't know who it was who dropped Titan's leash while walking him and Mason in the pitch dark and had to chase him through neighbor's yards as he chased a bunny. Did I mention that whoever that was was in her PJ's too!

Shew, so glad none of that was me. Ha!


  1. i can only hope you got to the dog before he got to the bunny:)

  2. LOL We have doggie issues too. Ours is a beagle and she always follows her nose...not a good thing.

  3. Shew Mendie!! The other girl I know goes by Bugs....he he Well you know, Morgie wasn't have a "NOT ME MONDAY" too! She bumped her head on her locker in band room, she has two bumps on her head! Gosh I hope my monday at class doens't go bad.....needlesticks...LOVE YA


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