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Sunday, October 11, 2009

'Festing we went!

The second weekend of October means Colorfest! It's the biggest craft fair I've ever seen! I mean to tell you, the whole town is packed with vendors and people!
It's become a tradition to go and I really do look forward to it. I don't always have a something that I'm looking for but it's still fun to go on the hunt! =) Many times, it's fun just to people watch, I'm telling you, you'll see it all! Today though, I was in search of a star...a big one...well, guess what? Yep, I found it!

And, I carried it through all of the people with only one slight mishap. It's a 'have to be there' story but let's just say a parking cone jumped out in front of me with no warning! Not very nice, huh?! Ha! (update - on 2nd thought, this could be a perfect 'not me Monday' post!)

Julieanne has been going since she was little too. She finally admitted that it's really for the food! So her!

I ran into an old friend. It was so good to see KK (Kristie)! She was there selling her candles. We hope she did well this weekend!

It was a good morning! Perfect fall weather - a little brisk with bright sunshine. Couldn't've ordered a better day!

'Til next year!

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  1. I just adore fall! And, that star is awesome! Where's it going?


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