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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wishes and a win!

It's been a busy day! We celebrated Julieanne's birthday today. We had a small 'get together' for her. Her Mom and Dad came over along with her friends Jenna, Morgan, Krys, Joe and Billy. Of course Jon and Jake were here too! Remember when I told you that she cries at the sound of the Happy Birthday song? Well here's the proof!

I know she's laughing but she was wiping the tears away as fast as they fell. Poor Bugs! :)

But she had a great day! She enjoyed celebrating with her friends and family. The weather was great too!

By the way, the little man Julie's holding is Lennon. He's Krys' son and is just the best!

We ended up the day by watching the first official hockey game of the season for Jon and Jake. It's extra special this year because they're playing on the same team. It's great to see them on the ice together but I have to admit it's the whole 2 birds with 1 stone thing. :) I know it's sounds selfish but it's REALLY cold in there and to see both of them play at the same time...well, you got the point! ;) Oh yeah, they won too! Woo Hoo!



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