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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nope, not me!

In the spirit of 'not me' Monday, I thought I'd share a somewhat embarrassing but definitely hilarious moment that would never happen to me!

I was not carrying the BIG star through the crowded streets of Thurmont when Julie and Mom pointed out another vendor who also had stars. It wasn't me who hadn't seen those before taking the leap and making my purchase. It wasn't me either who was walking, carrying and looking to the left. I don't know who would've put the cone in the middle of the road but it most certainly wasn't me who was straddling it while balancing the same big star! I wasn't holding on to Julieanne laughing hysterically at such clumsiness! I have definitely not been the source of sporadic outbursts of laughter every time Julie or Mom think of it! =)

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